New Homes

The Stacy Group has been authorized by Del Webb to assist you in a purchase of a new home at NO ADDITONAL COST TO YOU.

Should you choose to have us represent you, this will in no way increase the cost of your home (see letter attached from the Sales Manager of Del Webb).

Why use an outside agent to purchase a new home?

As your advocate, we will be able to coordinate onsite inspections, manage the transaction, and represent your best interest through the entire building process.

Below you will see the current floor plan models.  Effective Date July 1st, 2015.

Click any floorplan to enlarge.


Noir Coast (A)2/2Approx. 1305 sq. ft.Steel Creek (B)2-3/2-3Approx. 1414 sq. ft.Taft Street (A)2-3/2Approx. 1475 sq. ft.


Abbeyville (B)2-4/2-3Approx. 1730 sq. ft.Summerwood2-3/2-3Approx. 1828 sq. ft.
Martin Ray (B)2-3/2Approx. 1982 sq. ft.


Magnolia (A)2-4/2.5-4Approx. 2353 sq. ft.Napa Valley (A)2-4/2-3Approx. 2499 sq. ft.Tangerly Oak (A)2-4/2.5-4Approx. 2617 sq. ft.
Sonoma Cove (B)2-3/2.5-3Approx. 2645 sq. ft.

*No Model. Please see Sales Agent for Details.
Note: Square Footage varies per Elevation